Enjoy the 2017 Rebates from Fortis BC

Are you looking to upgrade appliances or space and water heating systems?
Check out the Fortis BC rebates listed below first. Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating can hook you up and help with any plumbing and heating installations you need. Fill out the form below for a Free Quote.

Among the various cash rebates, Fortis BC also offers a few free items such as an energy evaluation and upgrades, a kit to help save energy and empower me program.

Fortis BC Rebates

Home Renovations

Various - Improve the comfort of your home and reduce your ongoing energy costs with a variety of high-efficiency upgrades. Make home renovations easier and qualify for various rebates. Learn More

Natural Gas Water Heaters

Up to $1000 - Do you have an aging water heater? Replace it with a qualifying natural gas ENERGY STAR model and you could save on energy costs. You’ll also be eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000. Learn More


Up to $100/each - Upgrading to a new clothes washer, dryer or refrigerator? Get up to $100 rebate per appliance when you purchase a qualifying ENERGY STAR® appliance. Learn More

New Home Construction

Up to $2000 - Build an ENERGY STAR® qualified new home and you could receive rebates of up to $2000. Also, when you install high-efficiency natural gas appliances with the New Home Program, you can receive rebates of up to $1,300. Learn More

Natural Gas Fireplaces

$300 - When you upgrade to a high-efficiency FortisBC eligible EnerChoice® natural gas fireplace, you can qualify to get a $300 rebate. Learn More

Natural Gas Furnaces and Boilers

$500 - You could receive a $500 rebate when you replace your old boiler or furnace with an eligible ENERGY STAR® or equivalent model. Note: you must pre-qualify for your rebate by December 31, 2017. Learn More

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