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Commercial Walk-In Freezer Service

In any restaurant, there will most likely be a walk-in freezer. Some small businesses use a reach in cooler or bar cooler. Even the slightest problem could ruin the product inside and cost the business a fortune. Here are three reasons why restaurant business owners need a quality walk-in freezer service, or walk-in cooler service, to save money and stress.

High Energy Costs

Walk-in coolers can be expensive to run if they're not designed properly. There are several factors to consider that will affect their cost:

  • The cost of electricity
  • The efficiency of the system
  • The freezer's location
  • How often the freezer door is opened
  • How old the freezer is
  • The weight and temperature of the products being stored

Keeping energy costs low starts with the installation of a walk-in freezer service. When installing the system, a quality mechanical engineer should inspect the space and design the freezer to keep equipment costs low.

Owners of the freezer should inspect the door and panel gaskets for cracks or rips. If any ice is found, that could be a sign that the heater wire, door closer or gasket should be replaced.

Equipment Failure

Even smaller freezers like a deep freeze chest or bar cooler that have lower energy costs can have problems that could include:

  • A constantly running motor
  • Ice building up in the freezer or the drain pain
  • Loss of power
  • Temperatures too high

To avoid equipment failure, the freezer should be inspected regularly, and repairs should be handled by a quality walk-in freezer service or walk-in cooler service. Packaged rooftop units should also be checked outside.

Walk-in Cooler Service

Safety Issues

Safety is also an important concern with any walk-in freezer. Some things to watch out for are:

  • Falling objects
  • Frostbite
  • Patches of ice that can be slipped on
  • People becoming trapped inside

To avoid slips, employees should make sure to clean up any liquid spills as quickly as possible because they will freeze. It's also helpful to put non-skid strips onto the floors, just to make sure employees and customers keep their footing.

To avoid falling objects, keep the aisles clear and don't overload walk-in freezers by stacking too much inside. Don't keep things stacked on high shelves. Anything stacked should be kept neat and orderly to make sure employees are able to take inventory of stock.

Employees can avoid frostbite by making sure to use hats and coats inside walk-in freezers. Even working in a deep freeze chest or reach in cooler might need gloves. Inspect latches and knobs to make sure no one can get trapped inside. If the freezer has packaged rooftop units, make sure anyone working on it uses a ladder and safety equipment.

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