Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating office in Surrey offers services using cutting edge of technology if you, or someone you know is in need of drain line replacement or repair.

Previously, when a drain line was broken or in need of replacement,  the plumber would most likely have to dig up a trench in order to access and replace the current drain line.

With new technology, it has enabled us to use a trenchless system for drain lines, both for repair and replacement.

The use of video technology allows us to insert a small camera into your pipe to identify the source for a leak or damage and assess whether or not it can be partially repaired or if it needs to be entirely replaced.

It allows us to take a polymer that balloons and expands to repair your drain line or to construct an entirely new line minimizing any damage to your home or the surrounding areas.

Our team will provide you with efficient and experienced services every time. Ring us up for any required assistance. 

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