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Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating offers a variety of pool equipment services. We excel at pool pump installation and replacement.

Nothing beats relaxing in the pool on a warm summer afternoon, enjoying the season. What can be a mood killer is seeing your pool suddenly becoming unsightly at the bottom, accumulated with dirt. Lacking the right information, many homeowners will rush to replaster the pool.

A malfunctioning filtration system may cause the pool to look dirty. The pool pump is an integral part of the filtration system that should regularly be serviced. Sometimes, depending on the condition of the pump and its age, it may be wiser just to replace it.

Pool pump installation or replacement is better left to the experts as it can be quite tricky (and costly) to DIY.

What Pool Pump Do I Need for My Pool?

When you are installing or switching to a new pool pump, it is vital to have information on the various pumps available. Comparing price, durability, and efficiency will enable you to find a pump that fits your budget and performs adequately. Three types of pool pumps are most popular:

  • The single speed Pump is very popular among pool owners, partly because it is so affordable. Operating at 3,450 RPMs on a solitary motor, it removes dirt efficiently and with a single pump. Despite its high-efficiency levels, the single speed pump can rack up the numbers on the electricity bill. Its large energy consumption necessitates it be switched off when not in use.
  • The two speed Pump has a feature that is starkly missing from the single speed pump; the ability to change its speed. A pool owner can decide to use the low-speed 1,725RPMs or the higher 3,450 RPMs whenever necessary. A popular application of this pump is in spas where the high speed is used during jet action and the low speed during filtration.
  • The variable speed Pump is all about its ability to change its speed and flow rate. It offers great savings as it has way lower electrical bills compared to the single speed pump while offering better filtration. This is the pump to go for if you are looking for efficiency and energy savings.


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We have worked in the Surrey for years,  installing many pool pumps! We have experience servicing all pump types, at competitive prices. Install your pool pump professionally - we also provide follow-up services to keep your pool pump operating properly.

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