Need a Sewer System Replacement or Installation?

Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating offers premium sewer replacement and installation services in Surrey. Sewer systems need to function properly to maintain a clean & healthy living space. Everyday living requires water; draining that water requires a sewer.

Tasks such as flushing the toilet, doing the laundry or cleaning kitchen utensils in the sink are impossible without sewer systems. Getting the best sewer system replacement or installation done by professional plumbers ensures that you have a high-quality system, that will need minimal repairs.

What is the Cost of a Sewer Replacements, or Installing a Sewer System?

Most modern homes have sewer line systems installed when they are first built. The initial installation is relatively inexpensive, due to lack of obstructions and the availability of building materials already on site.

Installed sewer systems gradually deteriorate due to soil changes, frost and ground water among other factors. Performing a sewer line replacement is not overly expensive when the lines are already in place.

However, some homes were built without a sewer system and depend on a septic system. Installing a sewer system to replace the septic system can cost more in labour. Upgrading to bypass your septic system with a proper sewer system is still worth the investment for most people.

What Are the Various Types of Sewer System Replacements?

Different sewer system replacements can be utilized - depending on factors ranging from the slope of the land, proneness to flooding, and type of waste. Three types of sewer systems are most common:

  • Gravity Systems – these are the traditional and most popular kind of sewage systems. As the name suggests, no external force is employed to transport waste from the house to the treatment plant; the natural slope of the land is sufficient. These systems are however suitable in areas not prone to flooding and where the water table is low.
  • Low-pressure systems – these are low head pressure sewage systems and are an excellent alternative to gravity sewage systems. They consist of a sublevel interceptor tank that is equipped to deal with organics waste treatment and a chamber unit housing an electric pump that pumps the liquid effluent from the tank. The liquid passes through a small pressure line to a designated wastewater plant.
  • Vacuum systems – these systems are more complicated and involve more fittings. Chief among their appliances is a central vacuum station which is connected to various sewage fittings using vacuum valves. These systems are employed in places where the water table is high, flat areas, reclaimed areas as well as seasonal areas such as camping sites.

Sewer Replacement - Get a Professional Installation

We are ready for any installation or sewer replacement project you have! Our team at Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating will cater to your needs. Backed by years of experience, our team is the answer to all sewage problems in Surrey.

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