Our electricians are certified and can install many different types of electrical equipment in your home—from light fixtures and ceiling fans to upgrades for your circuit breakers and electrical panel. We also install generators, charging stations for your electric vehicles, cellphone boosters, and more.

There are so many benefits to upgrading the electrical systems in our home, and our electricians can help you decide what’s out there. New technology can save you money, modernize and improve the value of your home, and add safety and security.

We all know that children are bad about leaving the lights on in the house. Our electricians can add occupancy sensors and other technology so that the lights go off when no one is in the room.

Many homes have poor cell phone coverage and people often feel they have to change carriers. We can help you by adding a cellphone booster, which can make the signal stronger so that you don’t miss any more important phone calls.

Cell phone chargers often go missing and there’s just not enough to go around. We can install USB outlets in every room of your home so that everyone knows exactly where the chargers are when you need them—no more fighting over who gets to use the charger.

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