Need a Pool Heater Repair in Surrey?

Why own a pool if it is not available to your family throughout the four seasons? It’s a shame when your pool is broken down, and unable to serve its intended purpose. Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating specializes in pool heater repair to make sure you can enjoy your pool all year round.

Pool heaters are one of the most important (and expensive) pieces of equipment you will find in a swimming pool. They are complex in their way of operation, using either gas or electricity to heat the water by means of moving parts. Their installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement require professionals as pool heater services are quite skill intensive.

Once you have your pool heater installed, it is advisable you have it serviced regularly to avoid a costly overall replacement. Timely repairs are also a good way to prevent wear,to keep your pool heater working without accumulating secondary issues.

Contacting the professionals at Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating is a step in the right direction. We offer all the services mentioned above at competitive prices; call us to solve your pool problems today!

What Are the Various Types of Pool Heaters available?

If you own a pool heater, a big possibility is that yours is one of the four below:

You will find electric resistance heaters in small therapy pools, portable spas or other small sized pools. They make use of resistance coils which generate heat using electric currents. They are cheap off the shelf and unlike gas pool heaters, don’t run the risk of gas leaks. They have drawbacks too. They generate heat well enough but end up using massive amounts of power, and that is why they are used in small pools. They may be expensive to install and are neither energy efficient nor cheap to operate and maintain.

Gas heaters were once the go-to pool heaters, but their popularity has declined over the years, mostly due to high gas prices and safety issues. Their pollutant nature and energy inefficiency didn’t help them either. They, however, are quite cheap and will heat the pool rather quickly.

Heat pumps use electricity just like electric resistance heaters. They are of two types; air source heat pumps that use heat from the air to heat your pool and water-source heat pumps that transfer heat from water. These pool heaters are very energy efficient.

Finally, we have solar heaters which use the heat of the sun to heat your pool thanks to solar panels. They are, however, seasonal.

Choose the Right Team to Service Your Pool Heater

The team at Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating is well-equipped to handle all sorts of pool heaters! We have the experience, servicing the Surrey area for years. We are a team of licensed professionals. Give us a ring for your pool heater repair and problems today.


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