Need of a Garbage Disposer Installment or Replacement?

Have you just realized you can’t live without a garbage disposer? Is your garbage disposer damaged and in need of repair? Do you need your whole garbage system upgraded to offer you better service? We offer fast, professional garbage disposer installation in Surrey. We offer quality products. Replace your old one, or fix your existing disposer.

A malfunctioning garbage disposer may leave you feeling trapped and panicking. Calling the next available “guy” to fix your system may seem like a good idea at first, but it would be wiser to take your time and choose the best HVAC company. Hiring an expert for a garbage disposer installation will help prevent future breakdowns from recurring.

At Ocean Park Plumbing, Heating & Drainage, we have a rich array of appliance installation services. One of such is the garbage disposer installation or replacement of old ones. We also offer repair and replacement of faulty parts, in addition to the whole system replacements. We will find you the most cost-efficient repair available and present your options.

What are the Various Types of Garbage Disposers?

Installation or replacement of a garbage disposal varies subject to the disposal choice as well as the costs of plumbing. Two types of garbage disposal units stand out; stainless steel and aluminum garbage disposals.

Stainless steel disposers are durable, but their prices are quite high. These will serve you for years, without corroding.
Aluminum garbage disposals are cheaper in prices. However, they are more affected by corrosion, and won’t last as long as stainless steel models.

Do You Have a Clogged Garbage Disposer?

A clogged drain is usually caused by food remnants that have accumulated into a blockage, that is too large to pass through the sink pipe. Even with garbage disposers, sinks can get clogged, if the device is cheap or installed incorrectly. Disposers can also malfunction from the accumulation of fat. Either way, a clogged sink can be the source of a very unpleasant (and pungent) smell. You will want to remove these odors from your kitchen, completely.

Why Should You Call Us?

Our team is here to ensure that it does not get to such levels. We will install a new food disposal unit promptly, replace your malfunctioning one, or fix your current disposer.

We have a team that will meet your entire checklist - from commendable education to years of experience, or a multitude of positive customer reviews. Our technicians provide impressive response times, we can be at your door shortly after you place your call. You deserve a professional to meet your requirements, ensure your garbage disposal is properly installed.

Call us today - experience customer service, the way it should be.

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