Professional Gas Line Installation & Replacement

Repairs or Installations of your gas lines or gas pipes requires a licensed professional. Gas line installation and replacement are not only labour intensive but more importantly skill intensive. Flammable materials are dangerous - systematic procedures need to be followed, only proper materials should be used. Furthermore, a gas line technician needs to use calibration, choosing the right service can prevent toxic gas leaks or worse, explosions.

Gas Line Replacement, or Repair?

Surrey residents have experienced these hard decisions, and they have trusted Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd. to check any gas line issues. Customer support is a priority, and we have extensive experience in gas line installation. Call us anytime with any gas line concerns.

We are certified to handle all HVAC necessities for your furnace. We offer the highest quality when it comes to installation, repair, and replacement of gas lines. Our relationship with local suppliers helps us get you the best price on high-quality components for your system.

We respond fast & work tirelessly until your gas line concerns are taken care of. We value your safety, our experts double check our installation and/or repairs to make sure your furnace is efficiently working.

When you Need a Gas Line Installation

We specialize in furnaces. Many clients want a new gas line installation when they want to upgrade from an oil furnace to a gas furnace. Several gas pipes are needed, such as those to the ventilation and manifold through the chimney. A trusted and experienced company like us is the perfect contractor for such a job.

A gas line may also need to be replaced if the existing one is too old, at the risk of causing several leaks. The existing system may not as efficient as it is desired. A gas line can also be extended from the furnace, for additions such as BBQ grills or fireplaces.

Why Choose Us?

The hard work of our technicians is the consistent for each client, serving a reliable service to more people every day. We are a full-service company dedicated to Surrey.  Let us solve all of your gas line problems.

Give us a call, our team will take care of you and your family.


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