Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating in White Rock is profoundly known for water line replacement and heating installation services. We have built a strong reputation of excellence within our community.

Indicators of needing a water line replacement and heating installation:

  • Small/Big wall cracks
  • Damp crawl spaces
  • Leaking cracks

All of these observations are key indicators that you might be in need of our services.

Our team of experts can replace and install a new water line without having to dig up a trench that can cause even further damage to your home. Our updated technology allows us to use the current pipes trench as a mold for a new pipe that can be created, fitted, and installed without causing any damage.

For all of your water line replacements and heating installations, count on our professionals at Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating in White Rock. We will be more than happy to help!

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