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Duct vents are hidden inside your walls, and most of the time they escape attention. Over time, ducts accumulate grime, dust, debris and pet dander. These vital air pathways can harness dust & allergens into your home. Although some people may decide that the servicing of ducts falls under DIY services, having a certified HVAC team from a reliable company service your ducts can be a better course of action. Our team at Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating in Surrey understands how important duct cleaning services are for every household. 

Our team are professionals at appliance installation, repair, or replacement. We have proudly serviced residents of Surrey for years, solving a variety of appliance problems. One of our primary services is duct cleaning, we have the right tools & equipment to get the job done properly, and as fast as possible.

The Right Equipment is Vital for Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners pride themselves in having a weekly cleaning cycle that involves vacuuming and dusting. As much as this is impressive, it is not sufficient to ensure the integrity of your air ducts. A professional is required now and then to clean up the ducts and provide a more comfortable living environment. At Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating, we do the job right the first time, to ensure you don’t go through the unpleasant exercise of cleaning pet dander and grime.

Why do I Need a Duct Cleaning Expert?

Duct cleaning is not a skill intensive exercise - yet the right kind of equipment is required to complete cleanup. Our experts will arrive at your home, armed with powerful equipment capable of cleaning through your ducts in no time at all. Our truck-mounted equipment performs well, applying a strong vacuum to clean out the accumulated dust and grime. Our experts then ensure that the duct is clean, before restoring your system to normal working condition.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services Will Leave You Satisfied

Our team has been operating in Surrey for a long time - we know the area well. With skills to provide quality services, professional equipment, and of course relevant licensing & certification, we deliver the duct cleaning service you deserve. You do not have to go through the trouble of doing the job yourself! Let the experts do it for you - Call us today.

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