Furnace Replacement and Installation in Surrey

Are you a  homeowner in Surrey looking to install a new furnace? Or are you looking for a furnace replacement for your old one, so that you can get through winter? Or are you just looking to increase the value of your home? Look no further,  we have a team that is not only licensed but also have the relevant experience, having had the honor to serve the Surrey community over the years.

We are experienced in furnace replacement and installing new furnaces throughout the city and have hundreds of satisfied customers who will attest to our professionalism. Our work speaks for itself, we are highly experienced, and we offer great prices on the latest furnaces.

Our work is unparalleled, we follow-up with our customers after an installation to make sure they are satisfied.  We provide maintenance services to keep your furnace up & running as efficiently (and quietly) as possible.

The team at Ocean Park Plumbing, Heating & Drainage will work with you side by side and give you the best advice and recommendation. Our technicians will assess your house and offer advice on the most appropriate furnace. You can also schedule regular check-ups, our team will let know when your furnace is ready for replacement.

Our record for customer service stands with our satisfied customers, and our response time is unrivaled! We offer competitive pricing & deliver quality, professional installation services or repairs on time.

Types of Furnaces

There are various furnace types which may fit in your home. You will have the ultimate choice on the type of furnace you want, and our technicians are always available to offer all the relevant information.

The most common type is the natural gas furnace. It works by heating air drawn from the room through air ventilation ducts using a heat exchange, then distributing the air back into the room through the same ducts. It is characterized by low operational costs.

Another popular choice is the oil furnace, and it functions almost like the natural gas furnace. It uses oil that is incinerated into a mist so that it can be assimilated into the air and distributed to the entire house through ducts.

Electric furnaces are also popular in places where natural gas is not available. They use heated coils which radiate warmth throughout the room, while other hot air is distributed through ducts.

Benefits of having the right kind of furnace in your home

  • Energy saving – an old furnace may have leakages and other inefficiencies that will increase the energy costs.
  • Improved home value - the right furnace will also increase the value of your home if you are looking to sell
  • Better comfort at home - having a reliable and proven company install your furnace will let you sleep in peace knowing that you have the Achilles heel for the winter.

Do you need a furnace replacement or do you need your furnace repaired in Surrey?  Want to upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace to save money? Give us a call today - let us work together, to make your home more comfortable.


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