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A pool heater is a vital part of your swimming pool. You can enjoy the water even after the warm weather has disappeared, and evening parties in the pool are not a problem. Basically, a pool heater enables you to get the most out of your pool investment. But like any other equipment, pool heaters need regular maintenance & servicing so that the pool is always ready for you.  Call a professional that can repair your pool heater fast, at competitive rates.  Regularly servicing can prevent problems before they start.

Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd.  can help you with your pool heater problem, or any other plumbing need in Surrey.

Did you have a professional install the pool heater?

Having a professional install your pool heater is the first step in ensuring you have a system set to the highest efficiency. When a heating system is setup incorrectly, the heater will work too hard to warm your pool to the desired temperature, and harder labour on the heater causes more wear and potential break downs.

Assuming your system is of the greatest quality, it can breakdown over time due to things like clogged gas lines, broken heating elements, or dirty burners among other issues. Scheduling servicing for your pool  heater will keep it clean, and we can check for faulty or aging parts needing replacement before they cause any secondary issues.

Get the right equipment to service your pool heater

Pool heater servicing requires the right equipment for troubleshooting and servicing. Having a professional perform your pool heater service with the correct equipment prevents future problems from arising. Further, some of the things used during maintenance are dangerous, and use by an inexperienced person may lead to personal injury. For instance, insufficient heating can be caused by calcium scales accumulating in the tubes. A professional will remedy this by completely disassembling the heater and cleaning the system with acid and a wire brush.

First, if you are not familiar with the heater, you may not be able to reassemble it correctly. Secondly, acids are tricky to deal with and a split second bad decision can have consequences.

Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd in Surrey

You need a professional when it comes to installing, maintaining, repairing and replacing a pool heater system. At Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd.  our team has the experience for the job you need done, on time. We are known for outstanding customer service, and the best response times.

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