Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating in White Rock has all of your fireplace repair problems covered! If you are living in the area and in need of assistance, our highly experience team has years of plumbing knowledge will guarantee your satisfaction and top result. 

Our team will do everything from a full inspection of the unit, all the way up to repairing, replacing the individual parts, and any additional necessary plumbing to ensure that your fireplace is functioning at its maximum efficiency. 

We inspect and repair the glass burner and seal, clean and make any repairs to the pilot and burner assembly, clean the glass and firebox, check any and all electrical connections, and make any repairs as needed with any of the aforementioned parts to make sure all of the working parts are in optimal condition. 

If you’re in White Rock and in need of a skilled professional to repair your fireplace, give us a call! Be rest assured that we will have it fixed. 


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