Are you looking for air conditioner and heat pump service in Surrey?

We provide an air conditioner and heat pump service for Surrey. Air Conditioners and heat pumps are an essential part of most homes in Surrey. For extreme weather conditions, whether summer heat or winter cold, they are indispensable. You deserve to live comfortably!

New heat pumps perform at an optimal level when they are installed, and run more efficiently. Older models that are built to last perform reasonably, but performance levels ultimately drop to unacceptable levels over time.

Which Air Conditioner / Heat Pump service do you require?

This is the point where you have to decide a course of action, with options ranging from maintenance/ servicing and repair to total system replacements.

Replacements are quite expensive, and regular servicing may help your system last longer. Some services such as dusting & changing filters may be simple enough for homeowners to conduct on their own, but a deep system servicing will require professionals. Ocean Park Plumping & Heating is the finest company for all your HVAC needs, one major heating service we offer is regularly checking heat pumps.

How hard is it to service your air conditioner / heat pump?

Servicing an air conditioner and heat pump is not easy. Important parts of the system may end up escaping your attention. Have one of our skilled technicians complete the job, to ensure every part is serviced properly. At Ocean Park Plumping & Heating, we have our own checklist that professionals follow & check twice. So what should you expect during an air conditioner and heat pump service? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Technicians will inspect ducts, filters as well as indoor coils to ensure no dirt or blockage is left behind
  • They will also check the Airflow for adequacy and resolve issues that may lead to insufficient air flow. Such issues include duct leakage.
  • Our technicians will have a look at the refrigerant level, ensure it is the proper charge and check for and repair any refrigerant
  • The electrical part of the system is vital to the operation of the heat pump, and hence our technicians will inspect it, especially the electric terminals. They will clean and tighten them and cap it off by applying non-conductive
  • Motors will be lubricated, and transmission belts will be inspected for wear and tightness.
  • Electric control will be corrected as will the thermostat operation


Call our professionals to service your Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

We have a team that will deal with all your air conditioner and heat pump problems. We have technicians that have extensive experience providing a high-quality air conditioner and heat pump service for Surrey. We are licensed and certified to handle all HVAC needs, including the servicing of air conditioners (heat pumps).

Give us a call today, let us serve you.

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