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Bathrooms and kitchens are an essential part of our daily lives. Both of these rooms need all equipment functioning properly in order for daily living. You will need your toilet flusher working, your sinks unclogged and all your bathroom and kitchen faucets in working condition. Surrey residents have the advantage of having the best faucet repair company as their neighbour; Ocean Park Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Company.

Our team takes this work very seriously as a leaking faucet maybe an indication of a bigger problem. We take care of all your faucet problems as well as any other repairs in the bathroom.

Types of Sink Faucets Available

There are four common types of sink faucets which are commonly used at home. Three of the latest are washerless faucets while the compression faucets are the only ones utilizing washers. They are:

  • Ball Faucet – these are a washerless type of faucet mostly found in kitchen sinks. They consist of a single handle which moves over a cap shaped like a ball. Their assembly together with other parts, such as rubber O-rings, determines the flow of water. Ball faucets are the most susceptible to leaks among all faucet
  • Disk Faucet – these are characterized by a single lever which moves over a cylindrical body and is the latest in the faucet development business. They have a special pressure balance chamber which facilitates the mixing of hot and cold water. Temperature is regulated by the side to side movement of the handle while the flow is governed by two ceramic disks. These faucets are very reliable and are high quality as they rarely break down.
  • Cartridge Faucet – these utilize a stem cartridge which regulates flow by up and down movement while the temperature is regulated by side to side motion. They have a single handle and double handle cartridges.
  • Compression Faucet – these are the oldest of all the faucets and have been around for some time. They are characterized by separate hot and cold handles, and turning off requires a little pressure. Of all four, the compression faucet is the only one that uses washers.

Get the best team to cater to your faucet repair

When your faucet is malfunctioning, you need to find a professional to assess if the problem has a deeper origin. You also need an expert who understands the working mechanism of all the various types of faucets.

Your expert of choice should have the appropriate experience as well as the relevant documentation. For residents of Surrey, Ocean Park Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Company is the source for such professionals. If you need a faucet repair, call us today and let us make your bathroom and kitchen experience a delight.


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