Water Closet Repair, Using New Technology

There is a multitude of problems that could go wrong with your water closet. A weak flusher, a slow tank refill, or whistling sounds to persistent leaks just to name a few. Sometimes a water closet repair can cost too much in labour and parts, by replacing the whole system. Have a professional plumber look at your water closet problems first, before making a decision.

Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating offers water closet repair and replacement services.

When Do You Need a Water Closet Repair?

Some toilet troubles are easy to solve and easily preventable. This also goes for replacing some parts of the toilet. There are however signs that it is time to call the plumber for a more serious repair. Such include:

  • Your water closet clogs often; more than once in a week – this could be a problem with the flushing parts, but it can also be a problem with the sewer system at large. Time for the experts!
  • Inadequate or no flushing – this will most likely necessitate the replacement of some parts of the flushing mechanism
  • Standing water around the base – this is a clear indication that there is a leak, most probably around the seal. A professional will locate the leak and deal with it appropriately
  • Leaking cracks in the porcelain of the water closet
  • Insufficient water refill after a flush – the problem here probably lie with valve malfunctions
  • Rusting on the metallic parts of the water closet

Get the right equipment for the job

Repairing a toilet is not an easy task and many times specific equipment is required. Some toilets are drilled to the floor and repairing may not be as productive without removing and reinstalling. A rookie mistake, like removing a toilet by force may lead you to have to replace the whole assembly.

If you are living in Surrey, call the experts at Ocean Park Plumbing. A skilled professional will arrive with the right equipment to fix your water closet. Also, we will ensure that the parts for replacement are of the highest quality.

For Any Water Closet Repair, Call Us

Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has been operational in Surrey for a long time and has established a strong relationship with the residents. The experience we have makes us the perfect choice for all your water closet problems.

Call us today, we will do the dirty work for you - at a great price.

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