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They say water is life, and that statement cannot be truer. If you doubt it, try having the water line to your house damaged and not supplying fresh water. A water line is usually very durable and built to last a lifetime, but certain factors may see to it that everything doesn’t go according to the script. Our professionals at Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating are certified to handle  your water line replacement and installations. We will advise on whether your water line needs a repair or a complete replacement.

What factors will determine the cost of a waterline replacement and installation?

Installing a new water line can be quite costly. No matter the cost, you will want the installation done right to avoid future troubles. As such, finding a reputable professional is the first step of the whole process. The said professional will not only correctly install the water line, but they will also help in determining the overall cost. Some of the factors that will influence the cost include:

  • Access – if you are doing a completely new install, trenches may have to be dug. Roots, rocks, and concrete may drive up the price as well as having to negotiate other buildings in the process of digging. On the other hand, if you are doing a replacement on an older water line, trenches may not be necessary thanks to advancement in skills and tact, hence driving the cost down.
  • Depth – some water lines need to be laid pretty deep and the deeper it goes, the more expensive it gets.
  • Home location – you can expect a water line install in the city to be more expensive than in the countryside. Also, the location may determine the kind of pipe that is used. For instance, PVC is not suitable in places subject to cold temperature. Copper is not appropriate in areas with high soil pH as it is easily corroded.

What are the signs that you need a water line replacement?

Many people will opt for repairs to their waterlines as it is less expensive compared to a complete replacement. However, it comes a time when you have to have the whole line replaced. So, what are the signs that it is finally time to replace your waterlines?

  • Persistent water leaks in various locations despite constant repairs – this shows that the whole system is damaged, most probably due to corrosion, and is asking for a replacement.
  • Discoloured water – this could be coming from rusting in the pipe, and it’s dangerous. Have it replaced by a
  • Total system breakdown (ie. there is little or no water in the taps) – maybe due to ignoring repair warning signs

Water Line Professionals

The water line to your house is very vital, and you need to address it as soon as it starts acting up. If you live in Surrey, then Ocean Park Plumbing, Heating & Drainage Company is the answer to your water line replacement and installations solution. We have an experienced team that has been serving Surrey for years. Call us today.

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