Are You in Need of a New Appliance Installation?

If you are looking for an appliance installation service, whether it’s a new appliance that you need to be hooked up or if you need your appliance system replaced, maintained, cleaned or serviced, we have you covered.

Most of the appliances used at home are simple to install with the help of a well-detailed manual. However, what is simple to one person may be rocket science to another. The installation of some home appliances is not exactly “do it yourself”.

Installation of equipment like a furnace is not only a skill-intensive job but also labor intensive. Similar appliance installations will require you get the services of a professional.

Ocean Park Plumbing, Heating & Drainage is the unrivaled number one stop shop for all your appliance installation needs in Surrey.

What Are Some of the Challenging Appliance Installations?

No home will have the same list of appliances as another, but there is a number of appliances that are very common among the homes in Surrey. Our team possesses a wide range of skills to be able to deal with what the client requires.

Some of the services we offer include duct cleaning, sink installations and plumbing, repair, and change of shut off valves (water or gas), installation and replacement of garbage disposals, installation and replacement of sump and sewage pumps, water line installations and gas line installations just to mention a few.

Do You Want Custom Appliance Installations?

Some clients require custom appliance installations to tune in with other props in the house. Custom works require equipment that is not normally found in homes. Ocean Park Plumbing, Heating & Drainage will work with you to ensure that what you have in mind is what is reflected in the final workpiece.

Furthermore, we offer drill out and cabinet modification on a set of diverse materials such as wood, granite, formica, marble, tile & for your custom appliance needs.

Our teams of qualified technicians have the required knowledge of how to do a set of various modifications.

We Can Tackle All Your Installation Needs

What makes our services stand out is our team of licensed and certified professionals. We not only pick the best technicians out there, but we train them extensively to attain a certain level of expertise. They are experienced in performing appliance installation and repairs and have had the honor to serve the people of Surrey for years.

We strive to provide the best customer service. For your appliance installation needs, count on our expertise, guaranteed customer satisfaction, and customer experience.

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