Need Your AC / Heat Pump Repaired?

Is your heat pump broken or malfunctioning? Are you looking for a fast solution to your heat pump problems? Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is an industry leader in Surrey for air conditioners and heat pump repair. Customers love our professionalism and our ability to deliver high-quality repairs and trustworthy maintenance.

Contact an HVAC specialist for quality service. Our technicians use the right equipment and have the skills to understand, explain, and correctly repair your system. Our analysis requires experience, and our team of specialists has served the Surrey area faithfully for years.

Surrey Heat Pump Repair

Being a local company, we can address your heat pump problems quickly. We work hard to ensure that your air conditioner is effectively repaired and maintained in your home. We will provide you with high-quality heat pumps at the best price possible, with the best customer care experience available. No matter what season, our response time is unbeatable, and our prices are competitive.

Heat pumps move heat from a cold place to a warmer place. You may be using them to make your home warmer (or colder), depending on the season. Your heating system needs to be properly serviced & maintained for the whole system to work effectively. Our extensive experience gives us an edge - we will advise the best air conditioner for your living space.

When do I Need My Heat Pump Serviced?

Your heat pump is not working properly when it fails to cool or heat a room effectively. Sometimes it starts making noises, freezes up, then completely stops operating. The root of most of these problems lies in the thermostat such as a defective standard thermostat, faulty thermostat wiring or even defective programming.

A problem may also be underlying in the condenser such as an obstruction or blockage, faulty timer motors, or low refrigerant levels. There are other possible reasons why a heat pump may malfunction, you can trust us for any heat pump repair. Our team’s experience makes our diagnosis easier, and the repair faster.

For all your heat pump problems, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.

Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating in Surrey have gained a strong reputation from our community for delivering trustworthy and high-quality heat pump repairs and replacement needs.

We are an experienced and well-operated business, living and working in the Surrey area. As a fellow local, we understand Surrey's common neighborhood heat pump problems.

Our company works diligently with local suppliers to negotiate down the prices of heat pump supplies from leading name brands in order to offer our customers the most products from brands that they know and trust at prices that they can afford.

Heat pumps' main function is to circulate warm air from one area to another, but there are a lot of parts in between that keep them operating at its best conditions. A full unit inspection and full-service repairs are necessary to assure safety and efficiency of your home.

Call the professionals at Ocean Park Plumbing and Heating for assistance!

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