Professional & Affordable Sewer Repair Services

A sewer system is a vital component in any household. Without proper maintenance, or a simple sewer repair, this critical system can quickly turn into your biggest nightmare; clogging, awful leaks and worst of all sewage back-up. Are you experiencing any of these and looking for a sewer repair service in Surrey? You can rely on your Ocean Park Plumbing experts for a quality sewer repair right away.

Sewer Repair; DIY or Work for the Experts?

Many people will rush for the plunger when their sewer system is blocked. While drain cleaning and smaller maintenance tasks can be accomplished by a homeowner, an effective and thorough sewer system maintenance (or a complete drain repair) is best left to a certified professional plumber. A simple mistake in sewer repair can lead to major secondary complications that can cost you more than the original repair.

In Surrey, Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has established itself as one of the best plumbing companies. We will install your sewer system, maintain, and repair it when the need arises.

What are the Signs Showing the Need for a Sewer Repair?

A seemingly simple clog may not be so simple at all, and if efforts to unclog only seem to make the situation worse, it may be time to check the integrity of the entire system. A professional plumber will often perform a full system check to determine where a problem lies, and any of the following may indicate time for repairs even if only for a section of the system:

  • Crooked pipes due to a sunken ground or other factors. The resulting low point in the pipe may accumulate waste leading to impossible blockages.
  • Severe accumulation of fats, greases or foreign objects in the drain system restricting flow.
  • Old corroded pipes that have collapsed causing leakages.
  • Badly joined seams and joints between pipes that are allowing sewage to seep through.
  • An accumulation of roots in the system that is impossible to remove with the use of a cable machine.

You Need the Right Team, With the Right Equipment

A proper sewer repair demands professional plumbers and the proper equipment. At Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we have the latest tools and tons of industry experience. Our team is licensed and certified, and we have worked in the Surrey area for years.

Once you make an appointment with us, our experts will arrive at your home, with the right equipment for your sewer repair. Call us today for a free quote.

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