Water heater repair services in Surrey

If you have experienced a water heater malfunction, Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd. will provide emergency repair services. Some repair services are simple enough to perform yourself, but it may be wiser to leave water heater repairs to a licensed HVAC team. In addition to repairing water heaters, we also provide other water heater services, such as installation and replacement.

What causes water heater failure?

There is a variety of things that may cause your water heater to fail; from sub-standard system parts, to poor maintenance, or misuse of the water heater. The leading factor, however, is the accumulation of sediments over years and years of service. Where do the sediments come from? Water has certain minerals, when it is heated these minerals form on the tank sides and even accumulate around the burner. If these sediments are not removed in time, they gradually compromise the efficiency of your burner which eventually causes a complete malfunction. Regularly checking for sediments that build-up in your burner is a must. Let our professionals do it for you.

When Does My Water Heater Need a Repair?

The flame of the burner turns from blue to yellowish-orange; trouble or normal? There are subtle signs that your burner will send to you to indicate it needs repair. A change in the flame colour is however not a subtle one. Naturally, your burner should have a yellow tipped blue flame. If you notice this flame turning yellowish with an orange hue, then it is experiencing incomplete burning. This flame is not hot enough to heat your water to the appropriate temperatures and worse still it produces deadly carbon monoxide. Regularly monitor your flame colour and call us right away to rectify the situation.

Get the Right Team to Repair Your Water Heater

Have a natural gas or electric water heater? No problem. Having the right team take a look at your system will ensure that it does not break down often, to keep you running longer. You will sleep peacefully, knowing that your water heating system is functioning at its best.

Ocean Park Plumbing & Heating Ltd. has been operational in Surrey for many years, serving the residents faithfully and efficiently. Our team is certified to handle any HVAC equipment in your home, in addition to repairing water heaters.

Call us today to experience our renowned service.

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